By Sam English

Cooking lessons will be held at Aurelia’s food stall in the market. Seniors will learn how to cook all sorts of delicacies, from stuffed doormice to salt fish. Classes will start on the 6th hour and finish around the 7th. The classes will be great fun and a great help to any senior wanting to make delicious treats.

Ever wanted to laugh so hard you cried? Well here is your chance, starting on the Kalends of April; a countrywide renowned comedy theatre troupe is coming to the Roman Forum. The troupe will be performing all sorts of hilarious plays, as well as funny reenactments of famous Roman events. Some of their skits include the founding of Rome and Caesar’s battle against Pompey. Come and if you don’t roll on the floor laughing, you obviously don’t have a sense of humor!

The Senior Counsel of Rome is proud to announce a carriage that will taxi Roman elders to the market and right back to their front doorstep. The carriage will start taxiing on the Ides of April. To be taxied, please send a slave to the Senior Council of Rome building the day before. The carriage will only be able to accommodate fifteen passengers, so make sure you send your slave early.

On the Nons of April a Tour of Rome will be given to the Roman seniors. Not so agile on your feet? Well, don’t worry; the tour will be administered on a set of horse drawn wagons. The tour will take the seniors across Rome, from the Tiber River to the Aqueducts. Seniors will see new additions to the city of Rome that under any other circumstances they would have never seen. To secure a place for the tour, please send a slave to the Senior Counsel of Rome building.